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"KENGIC" expands the exhibition style Call of Duty Dream Feiyang

Release time:2018-10-18 Browse:1733

In order to develop the company's corporate culture, enhance employee team awareness and mutual help spirit, all employees of Kejie went to Qingdao on May 23rd and held the first team development training on the theme of "Call of Mission".

The Kejie Shanghai team set off on the 22nd and arrived at the soft control R&D center around 4:30 pm. Liu, the vice president of the software control company, warmly welcomed us and personally led us to visit the soft control showroom.

On the 23rd, a one-day expansion training activity was started. The training instructors divided the Kejie employees into six teams. Within 15 minutes, they completed the selection of the captain, the team name, the slogan, the team song, and the design team flag. Empty interruption bridges, high-altitude grab bars, life and death grids, tangrams, escape walls and many other training projects that break through the self and improve team cohesion.

Through the “education and education” approach, the training instructors enhance the overall quality of employees in a variety of expansion projects, so that employees can improve their understanding of each other in teamwork. The employees also worked hard to achieve each training project, trust each other, help each other, and achieved excellent results. After the project, the employees learned to summarize, share, and grateful...

On the 24th, I went to Guyue Mountain Villa to experience the exciting and tearing of famous brand activities. I followed the winding road and tasted the delicious cherries on both sides of the mountain road. From the foot of Xiaozhushan Mountain to the top of the mountain, the mountain climbing process was full of warmth and happiness. Everyone helped each other and encouraged each other to complete the mountain climbing activities. Through the mountain climbing activities, employees have not only exercised their bodies, tempered their will, but also cultivated their temperament, effectively activating their spare time and enhancing their team spirit.

Finally, all employees of Kejie Shanghai team visited the Kejie Industrial Park covering an area of 200 acres. Looking at this spacious park and excellent equipment, we are more convinced that Kejie's tomorrow will shine!