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The most beautiful KENGIC people, moved ing...

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The second half of each year is the peak delivery period of the Kejie project. The coming and going figure, the rushed pace, all tightly, with the strongest spirit, full of energy, practice Kejie's commitment to each customer. We all look in our eyes and remember it in our hearts. Recently, the Kejie Marketing Department and the Human Resources Administration Department jointly launched an initiative to find the most beautiful Kejie people around.

After the open call for papers, I received positive feedback from many colleagues.

Wuhan heavy goods project, general manager on-site command, supervision and commissioning, and personally did not leave until the early morning.

software engineer

Zhang Chao

Project office

Zhou Guangqun

Project manager Zhang Hong had fever, vomiting and other conditions on October 11 and remained on duty after infusion. Since the project entered the peak delivery period, he only took a day off in August and moved to multiple project sites. The Mid-Autumn National Day did not return home.

Yanwen project, electrical director Huang Chunyang continued to fight for 20 hours, and the first set of disc sorters was successfully developed.

project manager

Single section

Kejie Xiaobian

Gao Menghao, senior manager of the project, was very happy on October 16th. He was unable to go home in time to accompany his wife and children because of his busy work. The boy did not shed tears, but he did not go to the truth, thank Gaogong! Bless the work!

Excellent team submission

The pictures are from left to right: Li Feihu, Liu Chunlin, Gao Fei, Yang Xuejian

On the Jiangsu Science and Technology Research Project, the Liku team led by the senior project manager Deng Peng from mechanical design to construction and commissioning, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, there is no complaint of overtime work, and the pressure is on the front line of the project.

Sometimes there are differences between the teams due to work. Everyone will take care of the overall situation and discuss solutions. If they have problems, they will dare not bear the responsibility. They will provide inclusive and counseling support to the inexperienced colleagues, grow and progress together, and work together for the overall goal of the project.

They have different divisions in different positions.

Like a gear that just fits, it’s silent but aggressive.

In a few words, I can’t finish their hard work.

I can’t write their pens

a professional and skilled person

Consolidate into a reliable team

We share the joy of their achievements

Also willing to share the pressure on their shoulders

They are the most powerful arms of Kejie.

We want to remember everything they did for Kejie.

I want to record this unique light that belongs to them.

The most beautiful Kejie people, we will continue to report

For more details, stay tuned!

Touched to be continued...