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Smart Logistics Industry Weekly Information 05

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On October 8th, Honeywell recently announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Transnorm, a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions, from private equity firm IK Investment Partners for approximately 425 million euros.

Transnorm is a leading provider of delivery solutions, providing fast and efficient product transportation services to e-commerce and package delivery customers. Transnorm has a installed capacity of 160,000 and has a large and growing market for aftermarket parts and services. Transnorm's annual sales reach 100 million euros, 60% of which comes from the European market and is expected to grow by more than 30% in 2018.

The transaction will strengthen Honeywell's strength in the warehousing automation market. Currently, driven by the development of e-commerce, the warehousing automation market has achieved double-digit growth.

Created 26 world records Rookie R&D Global 60 years of leading technology in vehicle routing planning

As of October 9, 2018 Beijing time, the rookie has created 26 world records in the world's most authoritative VRP problem evaluation system. This means that in 26 logistics scenarios, the rookie algorithm can use the fewest vehicles, the shortest mileage, and complete the delivery task. The rookie has also become China's first research institution to win the evaluation system.

The industry believes that the IoT technology products such as the Rookie Future Park and the “Logistics Eyes” are accelerating the digitization of logistics elements, and the artificial intelligence technology will be the key to realize the intelligent dispatch of logistics elements. The rookie algorithm has set a world record, showing the deep accumulation of rookie in artificial intelligence technology. According to Hu Haoyuan, head of the intelligent intelligence and vehicle routing planning algorithm of the rookie artificial intelligence department, the application of the vehicle routing algorithm in the retail through-city distribution business has reduced the order delivery cost by 10.3% and promoted the efficiency of warehouse goods transfer. Ascension, the warehouse collection turnaround time was reduced by 57%.


Prepare for the double eleven Jingdong logistics application magnetic suspension technology intelligent packaging machine 10 times more efficient

In order to welcome the upcoming 11.11 promotion, Jingdong Logistics officially launched the intelligent packaging machine. The equipment applies magnetic levitation technology to the packaging process of warehouse operations, and greatly improves operational efficiency through visual recognition, automatic capture, automatic matching of packaging boxes, automatic calibration and other advanced technologies, and has made important innovations in energy conservation and environmental protection. practice.

It is estimated that the packaging efficiency of the intelligent packaging machine is up to 1,000 parcels/hour, which is 10 times higher than the traditional packaging operation. In terms of the use of packaging consumables, the length of the tape saved in one year is more than 2,500 kilometers, equivalent to the G7 high speed. Total mileage.


SF is exposed to new business layout: smart mini warehouse

Recently, it was learned that SF Express is laying out a new business in a low-key manner: smart mini-warehouse. Testing has been carried out in some regions.

Mini warehouse, also known as self-storage warehouse and private storage, is a new type of warehousing business that has emerged in recent years. Compared with the traditional warehouse, the mini warehouse is to transform a large warehouse into a number of small warehouses for rent, generally ranging from 1 square to tens of squares, and the billing method is usually calculated according to the warehouse volume. In terms of customer groups, mini-storage is suitable for online and offline small businesses, small wholesalers to store goods, businesses to store office supplies, file files, household storage of furniture, personal storage of personal items.

The SF Smart Mini Warehouse has opened a special WeChat public account, and the main body of the certification is “Shunfeng Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.”. According to the information, the mini-warehouse business is one of the diversified businesses that Shunfeng actively expands on the basis of the express transportation business and relying on the advantages of logistics, technology and network coverage.


Amazon's "failless packaging" to achieve half of the package material

Recently, Amazon issued a new regulation on the packaging of goods to thousands of registered brand suppliers, requiring that all products sold and sorted via the platform must be delivered under the premise of “failless packaging”. To the sorting center. This means that branded goods do not require any shipping package preparation or additional packaging. The new regulations encourage brand owners to certify “frustration-free packaging” and provide financial support to early-stage performers. For packaged goods that have not been certified after the deadline (August 1, 2019), a certain fee will be charged.

The first items to be certified include durable goods, consumables and soft goods that are sold and shipped in the US and Canada, such as toys, electronics, household items, diapers, cleaning products, shoes and luggage. Other goods sold or sorted by third parties, or sold by third parties for Amazon sorting, are not included in the new regulations. It is reported that Amazon has advocated the use of “flawless packaging” since 2007, and has been encouraging its global brand partners to use certified packaging to reduce the use of packaging materials. Up to now, 500 million boxes have been used and 240,000 tons of packaging materials have been used.


Director of the State Post Bureau: China's express annual business volume accounts for more than 45% of the world

On October 9th, the 49th World Post Day, Ma Junsheng, the director of the State Post Bureau, issued a routine speech, proposing to promote high-quality development and speed up the construction of a modern postal industry that is compatible with a well-off society. According to him, China's express delivery business has ranked first in the world for four consecutive years, with annual business volume accounting for more than 45% of the world's total, and contributing more than half to the world's express delivery growth.

 According to the statistics of the State Post Bureau, in 2017, the total volume of postal services in China was 976.4 billion yuan, and the business income was 662.3 billion yuan, up 32% and 23% respectively, of which 40 billion were express delivery business. Seven enterprises in the whole industry have successfully restructured and listed, with an annual sales of over 5 trillion yuan in online retail sales and over 200,000 direct employment.


China Express Logistics Index was 101.3% in September.

The China Express Logistics Index released by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing in September 2011 was 101.3%, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month, reflecting that the business economy continued to remain active.

Among them, the manufacturing business express index was 102.9%, down 2.9 percentage points from the previous month; the service business express index was 104.4%, up 3.7 percentage points from the previous month; the business convenience index reflecting the business environment was 65.8%, It fell 2.5 percentage points last month.


China's warehouse index in September was 51.8%

China Logistics and Purchasing Federation and China Storage Development Co., Ltd. jointly investigated the China Warehouse Index for September 2018, which was 51.8%, up 1.7 percentage points from the previous month. Among the sub-indices, except for the employee index and business activity expectation index, which have declined from the previous month, the other indexes have rebounded to varying degrees.

Wang Yong, assistant to the president of China Storage Development Co., Ltd., believes that from the change of the index this month, the peak season of the warehousing industry has come, and the demand has rebounded remarkably. The main reason is that the traditional peak season has come, the enterprises are actively stocking up, and the volume of warehousing orders has risen markedly; Second, some construction sites rushed ahead of the heating season, leading to the early release of demand; third, the central government put forward the keynote of the economic work of “stable”, and the confidence of enterprises recovered remarkably. Under the support of a sharp rebound in business volume, corporate profitability continued to improve, and the price of charges increased significantly. The monthly price index reached its highest value in nearly four years. From the perspective of the business activity expectation index, it continues to maintain a high level, indicating that the industry demand is still relatively optimistic in the near future.


September China's logistics industry sentiment index was 53.1%

The China Logistics Industry Climate Index released by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing in September 2018 was 53.1%, up 2.4 percentage points from the previous month.

Ren Hui, the head of China's logistics information center, believes that in September, the logistics industry's prosperity index not only rose to a high level in recent months, but also reversed the trend of continuous decline in three months, showing good demand, good efficiency and good expected recovery. First, the “Golden September and Silver 10” and the traditional peak season of the two festivals are coming. The demand for logistics in the consumer sector is growing rapidly. The logistics activities of food, textiles, home appliances and agricultural and sideline products related to people's livelihood remain active, and the new order index and inventory turnover index have rebounded significantly. Second, the efficiency of the enterprise has improved, the endogenous growth momentum has increased, and the price index, profit index and capital utilization index have rebounded by 3-5 percentage points. Third, with the improvement of the business environment, entrepreneurial confidence has improved significantly, the market is expected to be further stable, and the business activity expectation index and investment completion index have rebounded by 1-3 percentage points.


Uniqlo invests 100 billion yen to upgrade logistics automation

On October 10th, Uniqlo announced on Tuesday that it will conduct long-term strategic cooperation with Dafu Co., Ltd. in logistics. The statement shows that the cooperation will introduce the most advanced automation equipment, form a special team, and fully introduce automation facilities and logistics system development. Cooperation in four aspects, Uniqlo said that this cooperation will invest 100 billion yen (about 885 million US dollars), there is no detailed timetable for the progress of cooperation. According to Tadashi Yanai, CEO of UNIQLO's parent company, Fast Investment Group, at the strategic cooperation conference, after the Tokyo Mingming warehouse was fully automated, it could lay off 90% of its workforce while allowing 24 hours of work.


The fresh supply chain is highly sought after by capital. Three hundred million financings are disclosed within one day.

On the morning of October 10, according to Bloomberg News, Chinese startups Mei raised at least $600 million in a round of financing led by Tiger Global Management and Hillhouse Capital. According to people familiar with the matter, Mei will use the latest financing expansion business to pursue a larger share in China's fragmented food procurement market.

On the same day, the community fresh food brand fresh legend announced that it has completed 300 million rounds of B round financing, with a valuation of more than 3 billion yuan. Prior to the fresh legend in November 2017, he won the A-share round of 200 million yuan from Sequoia Capital and Hongzhang Capital. At that time, the company diluted 20% of the shares, with a sales value of 200 million yuan for 34 stores, and a valuation of 1 billion yuan, setting a record for the capital's valuation of the community fresh food store. In less than a year, the fresh legend has once again set a new valuation, with a cumulative financing of more than 500 million yuan.

Yesterday, the signing ceremony of Zhengda Group and Jiutan Supply Chain Financing Project was held in Shanghai. According to Zhang Bing, founder and CEO of Jiu Tsao, in the future, he will continue to expand investment in IT technology and fresh cloud warehouse, build a smart fresh storage system, optimize all aspects of the supply chain, and collaborate with Zhengda to build a global supply of fresh food. Chain service platform.


Nestlé and other international big names announced to join the rookie global supply chain, logistics from overseas full hosting

On October 11th, the rookie announced a strategic cooperation agreement with international big-name merchants such as Nestle, ALDI Ordzi, Metro, Chemist Warehouse, Shiseido, Aeon, Mistine and German SOS. The rookie will provide global supply chain services during the Double 11 period. Imported goods will be received from the warehouse, and the goods will be delivered directly to the overseas source. The whole process will reduce the cost of the supply chain and improve the logistics efficiency and consumer experience. .