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The import and export catering logistics and distribution plan was announced, and the general warehouse materials were uniformly distributed.

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On the morning of the 21st, 15 days from the countdown to the opening of the Import Expo, the first China International Import Expo catering food supply transit logistics warehouse was unveiled.

It is understood that the transit warehouse is 7 kilometers away from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, and is managed and distributed by Shanghai Leading Logistics Co., Ltd. Take measures such as “security check forward, centralized inspection, full escort, green channel, unified distribution”, etc., and all food and food materials of all suppliers (except hot chain meal) will be put into storage in a unified manner, according to “night distribution of food ingredients, hot chain The specific operation procedures such as meal day delivery and emergency delivery are implemented in a unified distribution. The Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Food and Drug Administration will implement 24-hour custodial supervision of vehicles and food materials in the transit logistics warehouse. Through security inspection and centralized inspection, the distribution efficiency of raw materials and foods will be greatly improved to ensure catering food and raw materials. Delivery timeliness.

In accordance with the principle of “big logistics outside the library and small logistics inside the museum”, more than 50 vehicles are equipped with special logistics guarantees for large-capacity distribution at night and daytime; more than 20 new-energy cold-chain electric vehicles and 0.9 tons of new vehicles are equipped. The new energy refrigerated truck meets the requirements for short-distance low-temperature distribution in the exhibition hall. Established the import and export catering food supply logistics and distribution traceability system, and open the big data of Shanghai's existing edible agricultural products circulation safety information traceability management platform, from source to table, to ensure 100% information of food materials in the core area of the Expo. .

In addition, relevant parties have also formulated emergency plans, in accordance with the "6 fixed" management principles, through the provision of special vehicles, special personnel, special certificates, the implementation of the binding of vehicles, people and certificates. In order to balance the efficiency of logistics distribution and distribution, respond to various emergencies, and formulate detailed operational procedures and emergency plans to ensure the safe and timely supply of ingredients.

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