Committed to the inovation and development of smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing

Company Profile

KENGIC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional integrator specializing in providing smart logistics, intelligent manufacturing efficient system solutions, and its own core technology and products. We integrate R & D, sales, design, manufacturing and service, have innovative digital and intelligent manufacturing processing and scientific research base, sales and technical support Center and delivery operation center located in Shanghai and Qingdao respectively.

Driven by intelligent technology, we are committed to providing efficient intelligent logistics, intelligent manufacturing system solutions. We devote 10% of the company's profit to R&D fund every year, from new product R&D to the iteration of the existing products. Our products range from conveyors, automated warehouses, sorting equipment, robots, agvs, software development to intelligent manufacturing system integration, has become a leading domestic and international technology, high-end equipment R&D and production capacity, independent software development capabilities and customized industry solutions for the entire industry chain service providers, is also one of the few in the industry, has one of the most complete logistics equipment series companies.

We take the international market demand as the company strategy direction, hit the domestic and foreign upstream, the downstream supply chain, take the flexible supply chain system as the cornerstone, provide the high quality one-stop service for the global customer. Our Service customers now cover express delivery, e-commerce, home appliances, medical equipment, medicine, clothing, automobiles, tires, military and many other industries, and in the global scope to provide customers with a stable, flexible, cost-effective solutions, committed to long-term cooperation with customers to establish a strong partnership.

We will continue to focus on innovation and embrace change, with the goal of “combining industry elites and creating a world brand”. We will strive for our customers to achieve smart logistics and intelligent manufacturing system upgrades, and fully support the early arrival of the era of industrial intelligence.